The Angel has left the building

There’s a story about a girl in my company. Her name is Sherly. She’s been working with us for about 5 weeks. When someone asked me about her last name, usually I told them “Sherly Malinton”, referring to the Indonesian actress back in the 80′s. Actually they don’t really look alike. Only that they both are beautiful.

Sherly is coming from Phillipines. She’s working in Batam for the new platform transfer project as a customer planner. She’s replacing the previous customer planner in rotating system. As a planner she has to liase with almost all sections related with the product planning. Everything in production must be working under her supervision.

I must say that I’ve been lucky to be part of this project. Because then I can meet her directly face to face. I remember it was May the 1st during the national holiday that I met her for the first time. I was working overtime and she as usual always went to work during Indonesian national holiday.

We shook hands. Introduced ourselves. Talked a little bit about Batam. I remember she said that she visited Mega Mall because in Phillipines they also have Mega Mall. Then we discussed a lot about the project. Devices, testers, handlers, hardwares, line ups, almost everything.

I couldn’t tell much about Sherly from the first day we met. But one impression really stucked to my mind. She’s very likeable.

As I suspected, from that day forward, she’s becoming more and more famous in our company. I’m not sure if I had something to do with that, but I believe words spread faster than you can imagine.

The more I know about Sherly the more I understand why. She always tries to be nice to everybody. More often tries hard to be polite and cheerful than otherwise. I remember one day she looked very happy, very cheerful, and obviously very beautiful and I said to her “You seem very happy today”. Then she answered “You’re wrong”. Yup, that’s our Sherly.

She also has something unique and fascinating about her that I prefer to call it by “child persona”. The way she looks, the way she walks, the way she sounds, the light of her eyes, the way she smiles and laughs. Sometimes you care so much about her only by take a look at her.

In work, although she has the authority, never I heard she’s speaking in a very hard way like some said the previous planner was. Well, maybe sometimes she did. Only once or twice I believe. But that’s normal I guess. Considering high amount of pressures she gets from the headquarters in Phillipines. I remember only a week ago she’s yelling my name so loud from several feet away. We made some arguments. I think that’s the first time I saw her quite upset for what I’ve done. But then she realized the problem and reacted in a very elegant way to respond.

As a man, surely I admire her. And so do I believe the other guys who happened to interact with her. I mean who don’t. But speaking of guys, there were some funny moments when guys are talking about her though.

One day when we were discussing the line up on my table, one guy passing by in front of us. Until now I still don’t know who the hell he was, but he said to me in Indonesian “There’s a pretty girl in here…!”. Speaking of the obvious huh :)

Another time there’s one guy who told me, “She’s the most beautiful girl in this company”. When I told my close friend about that he didn’t quite believe in it. Then I asked him, “Who’s more beautiful then?” He suddenly got confused and finally smiled and said “Well, I guess you’re right” :)

At the other time, I did once told my senior colleague, “She has beautiful hair, doesn’t she”, (because I’m bald I always admire people who have thick hair). Then he laughed and said, “Everything about her is beautiful, Git” :)

Well, I guess she has many more admirers than I can think of.

I don’t know whether my sense has been exactly accurate. But I always feel that her presence is making a good effect in my platform. Especially with her smiles bursting through the skies and raining down peacefully to everyone around her. I even think that I could see smiling faces from my technicians who repaired something on their work when she’s coming near. I guess her smile do inspires people. Maybe I’m a little bit hiperbolic, but isn’t that the thing that an angel usually do? It looks like we do have one just right here. She indeed shines like an angel.

With all the memories of her that we have, it’s very sad that she has to leave us now. She’s going back to where she belongs. To her country. It’s been very short five weeks to get to know her but she surely leaves us nothing but the good things. Unfortunately it seems like she’s never coming back here again. So we hope that she has good memories about us as well.


Personally, if you happened to read this post Sherly, I’d like to apologize for the mistakes I’ve done. Also for my physical presence, with 182/93 certainly I can’t help but looked quite scary.

I can’t read the future but I wish all the best with your life and congratulations for your upcoming marriage.

We’re gonna miss you, Sherly.

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  1. 1

    wah, pesona si sherly ini nampaknya hueboh skali efeknya hihihi….

    hehe yeah, sort of :)

  2. cheisa #

    LOL.. hahahhahahaha…

    finally.. it appear into your blog..
    mmmhh… may i give the link to sherly???
    it’s just like a love letter.. but yeah.. i absolutely understand how it’s feel when you admire of someone.. but there’s nothing you can do..

    take care sherly.. have a safe flight..
    it’s so pleasant to know you..
    see you someday.. :)

    like a love letter ? really ? I was hoping that it won’t make that kind of impression to public hehe. Yup, hope we can see her again someday somewhere somehow.

  3. 3

    I must say that I’ve been lucky to be part of this project. Because then I can meet her directly face to face

    wahh beruntungnya bagian bisa bareng sherlynya ya mas :-D

    182/83? ko scary? keren lagi.

    aku bilang gitu soale aku juga 181 hehe.. :-D

    Yup, you can’t be any righter than that bro :) Well, the truth is being so big not always what everybody’s fond of :(

  4. 4

    missing sherly, tampaknya..
    Hmmm.. Is there any connection with your previous posting “I ain’t gonna miss you”, gis? :p

    heheh, that one was ain’t missing you, now it’s we’re gonna miss you. It’s literally different my friend :)

  5. 5

    big in size, big in heart too.. :)

    we all do hope so :)

  6. Hedi #

    kejar dong…kejar ke filipin itu si malinton…eh…sherly :D

    hehe ngapain dikejar bro. Koq kesannya kayak artis manca negara aja :)

  7. 7

    For a five week togetherness, you seem to know her well :-D
    being tall is not scary, but threatening…hahaha…sama aja yah. Salam kenal, thanks dah mampir di Dunia Kecil :-)

    hehe scary, threatening, death wish, apalagi yg kurang :) Ok, lam kenal balik ya :)

  8. 8

    ha ha ha……

    I believe she can not understand this:
    “Walang kekek… iso nyawang ning ra iso nyangking”

    But I quite sure believe, your wife (if you have, at least 1) have no access to read this blog et all. Ya khan?! Hayo ngaku!… :lol:

    hmm… inget filipino jd inget lagu anak, ntar malem cari lagunya ah. Thanks atas inspirasinya

    Fortunately, I’m single and available :D Wah boleh tuh kalo ada videoklip lagu filipin nya. Yg gue tau cuman Jose Mari Chan doank, ama Rivermaya kali ya :)

  9. 9

    hee..hee… :lol:

    Koq malah hehe, hrsnya huhu :)

  10. 10

    Single?? Oooo…. ya puantesss blog ini banyak Angel yg rebutan komen disini.. ugh… pilihan lagunya kok sentimentil amat sih ::cry:

    :oops: minder aku

    ah bisa aja lo :) hehe iya sengaja pasang lagu itu, biar pas sama posting-annya tuh

  11. 11

    wew keren di potonya..

    hehe no doubt my friend

  12. 12

    wow, kalo sherly baca pasti tersanjung sekali

    mudah-mudahan :)

  13. 13

    you are big! hehehe

    I am indeed :D

  14. ika #

    kalo gitu namanya secantik hatinya ya,,hehehehe

    hehe iyah tuh

  15. 15

    hebat2 ada cewek cakep yg profesinya jadi production supervisor!!!
    jarang2 itu :)
    kerja di pabrik lagi.. WOW!!

    hehe sbetulnya dia itu planner. Yg prod spv ya gue hehe. Tp memang jarang ada ce cakep kerja di pabrik :)

  16. manut #

    katanya married nich… (yg doi)…hehehe

    waduh, kita tunggu aja hehehe

  17. inos #

    wah wah wah ..baru kali lihat si Jeck begitu terpesona sama cewek…. kapan kita ngobrolin ttg cewek lagi jeck?

    wah kalo ngobrolin ce ama lu n’tar obyeknya slalu ke department sebelah lagi :)

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