Madass 125 Sachs Coming to Indonesia…!

Hey, what do you think about the motorcycle shown in pic above? Cool juga yah. The design is really unique. It’s kinda BMX bicycle with a machine :mrgreen: I just found out that this bike has actually entered Indonesian market a couple weeks ago during my vacation.

This motorbike, namely Madass 125 (means Pantat Gila in Indonesian hehe), is manufactured by German company called Sachs. It means we will have a European motorbike running around across the street here in Indonesia. It gives full competition to other motorbike manufactured by mostly Japan company.

Madass 125 comes with a surprise. The price stated for this bike is only Rp 14 millions (840 pounds). It gives direct rival to Suzuki Thunder 125 with relatively the same price. In Europe they sell this motorbike at the rate of 1600 pounds. The extreme low price is the effect of the joint manufacturing and co-branding between Sachs Germany with PT Minerva Indonesia who will manufacture this motorbike in Indonesia.

Generally, Indonesian market is really Japan minded when it comes to automotive product especially motorbike. It’s clear that Sachs Germany have to use low price strategy to attrack the new market for European motorbike. Making Indonesia as one of their factory base in Asia could give them opportunity to compete head-to-head with all Japan motorbike brands existed here.

Madass 125 use 4 gear transmission machine with manual clutch so it’s not automatic or semi-automatic motorbike. Besides its unique and futuristic look, it has very strange but compact fuel tank design because it’s in the body frame of the bike. I’m not sure how to open it when you need to refill in a gas station though :)


Comments are welcomed in any kind of language.

This is not an advertising yah :) Just my wish to have a motorbike. As a Pabrik Figure I can’t afford to have a car just yet :mrgreen:

Again, excuse me for my poor English :mrgreen:

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  1. 1

    That one was a pretty weird motor cycle. See how tiny the fuel tank, ha..ha. I think this one not suitable for long distance journey…

    hehe and maybe not suitable for me. It’s like giant riding a bike for children huehehe :)

  2. edy #

    saya udah pernah nyobain dong :D

    wah cocok buat elo yah kyknya. Buat gue kyknya malah keliatan lucu nih :)

  3. 3

    well.., i know nothing ’bout motorcycle…

    even if the bike is “bebek”? Well i prefer “bebek” then. A lot cheaper :mrgreen:

  4. 4

    BMX.. it was my favorite vehicle when i was a kid.. and I got a scar because of it hehehehe.. :) *keinget, sambil megang-megang lutut gue*

    btw, the left man standing there.. to die for dehhh laki-laki banget cekitiww..

    eh, cari sepeda balapa aja kyknya, BMX uda kekecilan buat gue :) Btw, koq nakal ya anak ce maennya BMX :)

  5. 5


    huehehe saking terpesonanya ya sampe salah nyebut :)

  6. ika #

    haduh kalo soal motor saya nyerah deh,, bisanya cuman naek ojek doang,,ehhehehehe

    hehe gue juga sok-sok’an koq. Bisanya cuman naek bebek. Pake kopling kudu belajar dulu :mrgreen:

  7. 7

    I’m quite suprise see a ‘pengguna motor Gede’ (ntuh orang2 bule yang pake jaket..) like to ride that motorcycle…

    is it not to small for them ?

    Madas perform more like bicycle that a motor…:D

    hehe yeah it seems too small for them. They should drive a truck instead :mrgreen:

  8. 8

    ituh buat lomba motor cross?? kecil amaaaat…

    kudu dimodif dulu kali ya teh Chichi biar rada gedean :)

  9. 9

    Jerman’s product is teh best in the world,, i called it “bandel”

    yup, agree. That includes michael ballack off course :mrgreen:

  10. 10

    the —–>>>> bukan teh, ralat mas, terlalu semangat, lupa ngedit :mrgreen:

    hehe it’s ok mbak Yella :)

  11. 11

    yeps.. naughty little ryane..

    btw, klo sebungkus cuklat ‘monggo’ sih bisa diselipin di kantong baju kaliii.. ga berat2 amat deh :P
    tapi beratnya diprotes tigisser klo ‘cuma’ gue yang dapet ole-ole.. ya kan? hihihihi

    hehe a true confession from Ryane! You can get it only in here, in Tigis bar :) Waduh kenal coklat monggo yg monggo didahar jg baru hari ini :mrgreen:

  12. 12

    dah teruji belum tuh….
    nunggu yg lain beli dulu ahh

    hehe yang paling penting nunggu dealer dan service nya ada di kota tempat kita tinggal :)

  13. 13

    Ahahaha….nope!..BIG NO NO!..’bebek’ is exceptional..
    It could be said HOT when men ride a big motorcycle….

    otherwise, if men ride a ‘bebek’, they look like ordinary and not interesting..(at all…unless the rider naturally good looking..)..haiyahh..

    hehe ok I understand. But don’t geeks usually ride something “unsual” like bebek bike for example :) I wonder if Tomkruz or Bradpit ride bebek in their movies then maybe women will consider bebek as a true symbol of style :)

  14. 14

    i’ve seen an exhibit of motorcycles like these in my place and they’re expensive!

    and you can customize it if you want….

    but with the hot weather in the Philippines, I’d go for a car…


    hehe yeah you’re right my friend. With this hot weather at our country car should be the wisest solution. But in here unfortunately car is quite expensive. That’s why people prefer to have motorbike. The price is far beyond even 2nd hand car :mrgreen:

  15. 15

    but I think a guy who rides a bike like this will look hot a lot of women

    ( with exceptions, of course… like me…)

    and he will be envied by his peers

    yeah some women do. But in a materialistic world like this I believe women likes men with sports car most :mrgreen:

  16. 16

    what the heck is that…?!

    mirip bmx waktu kecil

    hehe iya nih, bentuknya jadi mirip BMX. Kyknya bakalan anak muda yg banyak pake. Kalo bokap2x umur 50 pake ini bakal lucu banget :)

  17. 17

    yah… ga bisa mbonceng dunk..
    dudukannya cuma atu!

    oh iya yah, ga merhatiin tuh :mrgreen: Brarti kudu bonceng berdiri di belakang kyk di sepeda BMX ya hehe

  18. 18

    Mas, maybe I should give an underline and bold form in these words UNLESS THE RIDER’S NATURALLY GOOD LOOKING!..

    So, everything the geek (yet good looking) rides, they still look HOT!..

    hehe got your point sis :) Yup I agree. Hope you can find your good looking geek sooner than later :)

  19. C.Ronaldo #

    Busyet, aneh banget nich motor.
    Tapi cuocok lah buat elu men. Lu tinggal beli helm tengkorak aje, biar tambah garang…^_^

    hueheh kalo gue yg make bakal tambah diliatin donk n’tar. Disuruh pake helm tengkorak lagi :)

  20. 20

    motornya lucu banget……….!

    hehe kyknya pak Argobel pantes nih naek ginian :)

  21. 21’s cool, i like the first one
    “only Rp 14 millions” …hueheueheu….only u said? quite big price for such a petite bike :mrgreen:

    hehe compare to its rival it’s quite a bargain. Because usually they sell a manual transmission bike above Rp 15 millions :)

  22. 22

    ini mah lebih mirip motor trail…

    hehe setuju bro. Tp mgkin lebih unik ya bentuknya :mrgreen:

  23. Forriz #

    menurut gw ini motor khusus bagi modifikator cos bagi orang2 yang hobi modifikasi dapat ngebentuk seleranya masing2 sebab tuh motor cuma rangkanya doang.

    halo bro Forriz, mgkin bro ada benernya juga. Tp ni motor andaikan ga di modif pun keliatannya asik banget. Beda taste nya :)

  24. roy #

    how to get “a unique maddas”?any body know for maddas dealer in banten?txs

    hello bro Roy, sorry I don’t know about the dealer in Banten. What I know is that the dealer (Minerva) is located in Jakarta only.

  25. aji #

    its cool bike……..
    gw dag indent MadAss 125 xx…..
    tinggal nunggu n bremmmmmmm…..

  26. DONNY #

    Many people think it’s small but actually it’s big enough compared to bebeks….if men ride it it’ll look as if they were riding a motocross..and i don’t think you need it lots of modification as it is already a “modified” bike..just take a look at its appearance it’s already wierd enough (and people will be starring at you riding it on the street coz of its unusual look) me i’ve seen on the street and it’s kinda wierd and cool..Give it a try..ini juga bukan iklan lohh

  27. Dado #

    saya baru dapat hadiah motor minerva madas125 off theroad warna kuning,trus mw saya jual,Rp 8jt,klo ada yg minat hub,08159035355

  28. willy #

    best bike n goodest..brilliant..

  29. Alfayet #

    Asmkm.. yg trakhir coment thn 2010 aj blm d’jwab,palagi Ane coment skrg y ..

  30. 30

    emang sih klo di liat ga ga enak,trus harga ya mahaaaaal,tapi skrng gw dah beli, bangga make nye,krn orla ga ada yg make……TQ sachs.

  31. Andy #

    Es ist ein Ost deutsche Bike, taucht nix……
    dont think everything made in germany is the best

    I was made there but i am not the best, ITHINK………………..

    Bye byeeeee

    from the goodlooking white man in Indo

  32. 32

    this artikel is nice and good blog,thank for your information

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