Movie Review: Hellboy 2 The Golden Army (Spoiler Free)

I was not really sure what was my expectaton to watch this movie as I didn’t quite like the first one. Perhaps I would be as bored as before. I mean what is changed. Nothing. Still the same director and the same set of actors. But it turned out that I was wrong.

Hellboy 2 tried to fill up some of the holes Hellboy 1 left off. Guillermo del Toro set his sight on increasing the tempo right from the beginning. And it worked pretty well. You could sense that Hellboy 2 could deliver the story better than the first installment. 

The action packed sequence and visual FX are better executed this time as well. All fight scenes, with or without guns, especially with so many strange creatures become one of the major attractions in this movie. There are also some well constructed art directon and visual FX sequences showing the unique and mysterious places on the way to the ending.

One thing that really surprised me was how Guillermo del Toro could manage to develop Hellboy character a lot better this time. This sequel described how Hellboy, played by Ron Perlman, really teased and extremely questioned on why he does care so much about mankind. He’s not one of them to say the least. Even with the prophecy which said that he’s going to be the one who destroy mankind.

Hellboy 2 succesfully managed the funny sides of its character and the interactions between them. One thing that failed to be delivered by del Toro in the first movie. Don’t be surprise if you can have a laugh more than once during this movie.

However, Hellboy 2 has its flaws. The main idea of the story doesn’t give you anything new at all. The worse thing is this movie can have another title like Hellboy 2: The Mummy. Seems like waking up the undead is the easiest way out to make the story for the sequel. Only this time The Undead is more like a machine than an emperor who does look like Jet Lee.

Del Torro also couldn’t help but showing that this movie had some cheesy situations or dialogue, especially when it tried to be a little bit funny. The more intimate character development of Hellboy, which was one of the major hilite compare to the first movie, in a different perspective can also be regarded as too thin and too simple. How could he finally decided to stand tall defending mankind while all of them disregard him and disrespect him. His love to Liz Sherman is not really convincing enough to be the only reason why he’s done it.


Title : Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army

Director : Guillermo del Toro

Cast : Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Jeffrey Tambor, Luke Goss, Anna Walton, John Hurt.

Genre : fantasy/action/adventure

My Rating : 3 out of 5


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    XXI bakal penuh sore ini :D

    wah harusnya uda nonton ya kmrn :) Brarti skrg mestinya lagi muter lagu can’t smile without you :P

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    i don’t like go to cinema (males ngantri :mrgreen: ), i like to buy the DVD’s n then play it at home. :mrgreen:

    mbak Yella, now at 21/XXI cinema you can buy the tickets for the next showtime. But surely you have to come early :mrgreen: Viva DVD lah kalo begituh :)

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    doooh pilem2x mengkhayal kayak gini, males deh nontonnya. mendingan pilem komedi hehhehhe maklum, emak2x

    eh bukannya emak2x suka berkhayal ya hihihi :P

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    eh tau kos kos-an yg di nagoya hill gak ? ktnya udah ama perabot. 1 jutaan gitu. buat teman :D

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    nice movie but Hellboy I better than this.. :D

    ok thx my friend. Looks like we disagree about this. For me this sequel is much better :D

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    you know I can’t smile without you
    I can’t smile without you
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    *jgn nyuruh gue nyanyi di GOR badminton ya, gis..

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    gw kok ga pernah bener bener suka sama film ini yah… dan karena katanya yang kedua ini juga super standar yah jadi males juga deh hheuheuheuhe

    hehe iya gue jg ga begitu suka ama yg pertama. Tp yg kedua ini gue cobain dan ternyata gue suka tuh. Much better than the 1st one lah pokoknya :)

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    yahh aku bunuh-diri aja deh :(

    hehe ya udah deh nyanyinya di GOR aja sambil ngasi semangat dia maen :mrgreen:

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    Kweren sepertinya..

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