Brianna Lynn Brown

I bet most of you do not know who the hell she is. She’s just another pretty face showing up in Smallville series. I’m not sure if it’s becoming a habit but I guess I like to post some “pretty but not so famous” actresses in my blog :mrgreen:

Brianna Lynn Brown or sometimes known as Brianna Brown born in Minnesota October 2nd 1979. She’s 5′7″ (170 cm) and guess what, she’s a natural blonde. Actually I wonder when can I see beautiful young blonde girls right in front of my eyes. They look very hot in movies and TV screen :mrgreen:

She appeared in Smallville season 4 only in one episode called Facade. She played a character named Abigail Fine who’s actually an “ugly turns pretty” girl with secret toxic formula which consumed other people self confidence about how they look. Sounds weird huh.

Brianna Brown never got a chance to get a bigger role in movies. From 1999 when she started her acting career, all of her work has been only in small roles especially in TV series. From Smallville, CSI, Monk, to Joey. Well, actually she appeared in major blockbuster movie Spider-Man 2 (2004) but unfortunately showing up there only as a train passenger :)

With so many beautiful girls with their own physical assets especially big boobs in Hollywood, it’s understandable that she has to compete very hard for any role in movies or TV series. Perhaps she should come here to Indonesia. It’s a lot easier for her to get into any sinetrons and become very famous. At least I can get a chance to prove by my own eyes that a beautiful young blonde girl is indeed truly hot :mrgreen:

For Smallville fans, there’s a scene where she got quite a buzz. It’s a kissing scene involving her and Kristin Kreuk who plays Lana Lang. Nope, it’s not a lesbian scene. It’s a scene where she has to consume other people self confidence by kissing them to keep her beauty intact. But I believe whatever the background story of this scene, people might look at it as lesbian scene :mrgreen:


Sorry, I still don’t have much time to blogwalking. But I’m sure i’ll be visiting back sooner than later :)

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  1. 1

    gak tau juga..taunya kristin kreuk doank :P

    bener kan tebakan gue :mrgreen:

  2. 2

    “pretty but not so famous” actresses , huh?
    well you should post about me then :D

    hehehe yeah I can do that. But after you send me your photograph collection :mrgreen:

  3. 3

    si blonde ini ga eye-catching.. soalnya, bukan cowo sih ;)

    hehe maunya gambar2x brad pitt ya :P

  4. 4

    aku ta tau perempuan ini

    dan udah lama ta menonton smallville

    emang ada lagi?

    ini diambil dr season 4 Nat. Uda skitar taon 2004. Kalo yg skrg lagi maen di amrik uda season 8. Ga tau jg dia nongol lagi apa kagak :mrgreen:

  5. 5

    Dulu pas nonton Smallville ngak terlalu eyecatching. Baru ngeh pas nonton Entourage Session 2. Cuma muncul sebentar doank tapi lumayan menggoda. Hm.. Thx for the info. Detail banget. :D

    wah sempet nongton entourage jg yah. Gue malah belon pernah :mrgreen: Hehe ternyata ada jg yg tergoda ama do’i :)

  6. 6

    hohhoho natural blonde ? asyikkk apa dia keturunan bule skadinavia atau malah skondlandia. Btw, sy juga nonton schene ini hmm no comment deh heheheh

    keturunan apa yah do’i. Ga ngerti juga :) Hehe yg penting nongton adegannya yak :mrgreen:

  7. 7

    Cewek baru smallville yg terakhir gue tonton itu pemeran Kara El, udah itu gak nerusin smallville lg.
    Nonton Supernatural musim ini kering. Season kemaren lumayan basah, ada Lauren Cohan pemeran Bella si maling cakep, juga ada Katie Cassidy si setan Ruby yg seksi. Musim ini cuma sisa Ruby doang, itu juga pemeran Ruby udah diganti dan nggak seseksi Cassidy.
    I know that a man should be tough, but without woman….. it would be like withering cactus (you can guess what’s the meaning, hehehe)

    oh mksud elo si laura vandervoort yg jadi kara di season 7 yah. Ktnya sih denger2x dia ga nongol lagi di season 8 :( Huehehe istilah lo kocak juga, season basah hehehe :) Buat kalimat yg terakhir, couldn’t agree more bro :mrgreen:

  8. 8

    She might be less popular now, but who knows your post will contribute to her popularity :mrgreen: , anyway u seem a bit busy lately, coz your comments came 2 or even 3 days after I posted my latest article :D ….

    hehe if she becomes more popular because of this post I hope she can visit me someday :mrgreen: Yeah In, in the last several days I was not really into the internet. Besides, telkomselflashnya lemot banget nih belakangan ini :(

  9. 9

    saya sering nonton smallville di trans 7 tapi kok lupa sama cewek ini yah?

    Mgkin kelewat Iv. Atau mgkin season 4 ga sempet tayang kali yah di trans7 :mrgreen:

  10. 10

    blonde memang cantik tapi saya suka yg brunnette

    brunette kalo cantik gue jg ga nolak koq pren :mrgreen:

  11. 11

    :) :) :)

    lupa tambah smiley-nya :)

    hehehe :)

  12. 12

    Kalau gitu kudu nonton entourage. Mantap bener deh :mrgreen: Apalagi di episode yang Brianna Lynn Brown muncul, walaupun cuma bentar, ada Holly Valance juga. Wah Hot banget deh. :)

    mak, holy valanche itu yg dulu nyanyi kiss kiss kan yah. Kyknya kudu cepetan nyari bajakannya nih :mrgreen:

  13. 13

    brad pitt? ndak ahh makasih *too common*
    vin diesel sajah :P *sluuurrpp*

    huehehehe tetep setia ama yg macho2x nih :mrgreen:

  14. 14

    Cantik yah, gw aja yg cewe napsir! Haha. Kenapa kurang populer ya, apa karna di sana pasaran? Hmmm…

    hehe iya Sheila, do’i emang cantik :) Mgkin begitu, tampang cantik di hollywood barangkali bukan suatu hal yg luar biasa lagi :mrgreen:

  15. 15


    mas tigis ini..kalo ama cewe boobs okay..udah dey..pasti klepek-klepek..ahahahahaha…

    no offense yaach mas….hihihiiiy..

    huehehee Miss Uril tau aja selera kita :mrgreen: Tp kyknya semua co jg bakal klepek-klepek deh kalo disuguhin gituan :mrgreen:

  16. 16

    jadi takut niiy kalo nanti mas tigis ketemu uril…pasti mas tigis jadi klepek-klepek…ahahahahahahaha..canda mas…

    huehehee kalo beneran klepek2x n’tar kamu tolongin ya Uril :)

  17. Walking #

    Yeah there are many probability why she hasn’t yet be a famous star.As you mentioned you’re wondered why she couldn’t be a famous movie star although she definitely “got” a big boobs maybe because there are so many big boobs in hollywood……….he he he just joking bro //btw nice blog //

  18. 18

    mirip aku yah ckckck

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