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I’m gonna dedicate this post to Mr Boontaran who helped me build the news ticker. His news ticker can be seen at the header of this blog above. I set it to display RSS feeds from CNN. It’s kinda cool. He’s done a fantastic job there so I’m gonna promote his special skills in web development to the world :mrgreen:

Mr Boontaran is a very bright young electrical engineer from one of the top universities in Indonesia. His skills in web development is really surprised me. He’s modest, doesn’t like to exaggerate himself, and obviously doesn’t take him too seriously. Mr Boontaran is the person every company would like to have in their team.

One thing that I like the most about Mr Boontaran is how his looks reminds me of Morten Harket, the vocalist of 80′s band A-Ha. Maybe the Indonesian version of Morten Harket I should say. But don’t ask Mr Boontaran to sing. Even only as impersonation of Morten Harket. You better ask him to write down some PHP code than singing.

Mr Boontaran is available if you need to create of modify anything about web design for a reasonable price. Especially with his tremendous skills on web development :D


The pics above is not the pic of Mr Boontaran. Those are the pics of Morten Harket impersonation of Mr Boontaran :mrgreen:

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  1. 1

    Ga ngerti apaan ttg Mr Boontaran ini tp yg pasti he’s quite handsome hahaha

    hehe handsome and modest. What other thing that you’d expect from a man :mrgreen:

  2. 2

    baru kali ini saya dengar namanya.. ngak gaulnya saya :mrgreen:

    dengernya bob marley terus sih elo :)

  3. 3

    wekkekekek kirain itu picnya mr boentaran. :P udah ngences aja

    hehehehe ngga jauh2x amat koq bedanya :mrgreen:

  4. 4

    yahh 11:12 lah ama Mr. Bontaran ntu ;)

    hehe 11 siang ama 12 malem :mrgreen:

  5. 5

    Entah ini ripiuw atau bukan … terserah deh…
    Mahal nggak he..he

    hehehe ya bukan lah pren. Wah masalah harga sila dirundingkan langsung dgn Morten Harket… eh, Mr Boontaran :mrgreen:

  6. 6

    Aku jadi malu ……

    tuh kan apa gue bilang, do’i modest :mrgreen:

  7. 7

    If the pic above is really Mr.Boontaran, I’m ready to send u email and ask for his phone number….hahahaha :mrgreen:

    hehehe if it’s him then I think you need to fight with some other girls In :mrgreen:

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