James Bond Actors: The Best and The Worst

There are 22 official movies of James Bond released to the market. From Dr. No (1962) to Quantum of Solace (2008). Stretched from the generation of The Beatles, to the era of hip-hop and reality TV shows. There are 6 actors who have played the legendary British MI6 007 agent. Which one is the best, or the worst, here’s my version.

1. Sean Connery

Sean Connery is a scottish actor who played James Bond character in 6 official movies, from Dr. No (1962) to Diamonds Are Forever (1971). He later played James Bond character again in Never Say Never Again (1983) but the movie is not a part of the official franchise which right owned by Albert R. Broccoli. Never Say Never Again (1983) was meant to be a remake of Thunderball (1965), one of the official Bond movie which he starred.

For me Sean Connery is so far the best actor to play James Bond. He has the most sexual charisma compare to other actors. Bond in his hand turned into a very cool, sexy, funny, but very tough secret agent. Not to mention a cold-blooded killer. One of the most memorable action sequences of him in James Bond character was a brutal fight in a train from Bond movie called From Russia With Love (1963).

From Russia With Love (1963) also known as one of the best Bond movies until now. What I remember most of that movie actually was Daniela Bianchi who played Tatiana Romanova. She’s gorgeus :mrgreen:

2. George Lazenby

George Lazenby was used to be an australian model. He played James Bond in only one movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). That movie was actually his first movie in his entire acting career.

He’s the youngest person who ever played James Bond, 29, when he appeared in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). Before stepping onto James Bond’s step, he was the highest paid male model in European modeling history.

His appearance as James Bond didn’t really go well with the audiences so the producers decided to give the part back to Sean Connery for the next movie. For me George Lazenby is indeed the worst Bond actor. He looked fantastic as Bond when he was quiet. Sometimes I consider him as having one of the best Bond look. But things were fallen apart when he started to speak. He seemed like not prepared at all for this role. Perhaps he should make some appearance in movies to learn how acting should be before making a very big step to be James Bond.

On the contrary to his acting, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) is actually a very good Bond movie. If I remember correctly, this movie is one the most dramatic Bond movie. And it’s the only movie where James Bond got married. Bond with all his sexual charisma would marry someone? Yup. It happened. And it’s in George Lazenby movie :mrgreen:

3. Roger Moore

Roger Moore is an english actor who played James Bond in 7 official movies, from Live and Let Die (1973) to A View To A Kill (1985). He’s the actor who played James Bond the most compare to others. But he’s also the oldest, he’s already 45 when he started to play James Bond.

Roger Moore is a drop dead handsome actor. And he has a good guy charm. Before making a role of James Bond, he’s very famous as Simon Templar in a hit TV series called The Saint (1962).

Compare to Sean Connery, Roger Moore offered different aspects of character. His approached was most notably a lot easier, less tough, and more laugh attitude. James Bond seemed like a comic book character in his hand. This new approach eventually accepted by the fans.

Roger Moore left the franchise after A View To A Kill (1985) when he was 57, making him as the oldest actor who played James Bond. He once quoted that he felt embarrassed to be seen performing love scenes with beautiful actresses who were young enough to be his daughters.

4. Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton is a green eyed wales born actor. Compare to other actors who played James Bond, he may very well be the only one classically trained Shakespearean actor who have forged simultaneous successful careers in theater, television and film. In short, in terms of acting he’s the best.

The producers actually offered him to play James Bond since 1969, when he was 25, but he turned it down, feeling he was too young for the part. That offer came again when the producers failed to get Pierce Brosnan out from his contract in the TV series Remington Steele (1982). So Timothy Dalton became the 4th actor to play James Bond.

Timothy Dalton only played as James Bond in two movies, The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence to Kill (1989). His approach is totally different with Roger Moore whom he replaced. He carried the character with a more serious, colder, and grittier portrayal of James Bond. Some critics hailed his performance, claiming he’s the closest to characterization of Bond from the original novel by Ian Fleming. But he was also greeted with a mixed reaction from the general public following twelve years of Roger Moore’s much more lighthearted, easy, and more laugh portrayal.

Initially he agreed to play James Bond in Golden Eye (1995) but further delays in script made him changed his mind and resigned from the role. Couple months later the producer announced that Pierce Brosnan will replace him.

5. Pierce Brosnan

I believe most of us who watched the TV series Remington Steele (1982) must think that Pierce Brosnan was perfect for the role of James Bond. And he was. The producers actually offered him James Bond role back in 1986 to replace Roger Moore. NBC (who owned the right of Remington Steele) insisted that Pierce Brosnan must continue his role as Mr. Steele with or without Bond, but Albert R. Broccoli (who owned the right of James Bond movies) refused the idea of having both Bond and Steele at the same time. So the producers have to find other actor beside Pierce Brosnan.

That role eventually came on 1995 after Timothy Dalton resigned his role in Golden Eye (1995). Pierce Brosnan who is irish actor, replaced him and continued to play in 4 Bond movies, from Golden Eye (1995) to Die Another Day (2002).

Why did many people think that Pierce Brosnan was perfect to play Bond? First, obviously he’s very handsome. There’s no two ways about it. Second, his quite popular series, Remington Steele (1982), aired at the era of Roger Moore’s version of James Bond. The time when James Bond was portrayed in more lighthearted, easy, and more laugh character. That’s where Pierce Brosnan really fitted in.

Personally I was quite disappointed to see Brosnan’s approach in Bond movies. I’m a fan of Remington Steele (1982) and I guess I expect to see another Bond in lighthearted spirit when he’s in. Kinda Roger Moore’s version of Bond. I even believe that Pierce Brosnan has better chance to surpass Moore’s performance in that perspective.

The fact was Pierce Brosnan tried to reinovate Bond character to what it seemed to be more approriate for 90′s era. Less laugh, and tougher. I think it’s kinda combination between Moore and Dalton but with modern approach. Sadly, it’s too late for Brosnan to play James Bond as he’s getting older. I always believe that he should play Bond since the era of 80′s :mrgreen:

6. Daniel Craig

He’s the latest actor who played James Bond. First in Casino Royale (2006) and now continue to the last Bond movie, Quantum of Solace (2008). Daniel Craig is a blue eyed english actor. And guess what, he’s a Liverpool FC fan :D

Daniel Craig is the first Bond with blonde hair and he’s the shortest actor who played Bond. Speaking of style, Craig represents the new Bond style. Rough, bit cruel, bit ruthless, dry manner, almost bull-like physique, with short and simple haircut, he always looks ready for action. So far the most unique and different portrayal of Bond.

Compare to other 5 actors, Daniel Craig shows his sexual charisma in a different way. His sex appeal is more on his no nonsense act. He doesn’t tease many women as what James Bond usually did. He doesn’t have to actually, as women recognize it by themselves. It’s there but it’s kept hidden.

Daniel Craig version of Bond admittedly goes along with how action movies are made in 21st century. Fast paced, edited to leave audiences breathless, and demanding of close attention. His performance in Casino Royale (2006) earned glowing reviews both from critics and the fans. This will be his major step stone to the next movies of Bond.

Trivia: Who is the tallest James Bond?

Sean Connery : 1.86m

George Lazenby : 1.86m

Roger Moore : 1.85m

Timothy Dalton : 1.88m

Pierce Brosnan : 1.85m

Daniel Craig : 1.78m

Tigis : 1.82m

Well at least I can be a taller Bond compare to Daniel Craig :mrgreen:

source : the Bond tailors who fit in their costumes (googling result). Except for Daniel Craig, I got it from imdb.com plus googling result. While for Tigis, I got it from company medical check up :mrgreen:


Pics taken from googling results.

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  1. J #

    The worst is jam lo di pojok kanan atas itu ngikutin jamnya pc
    the best if pc otomatis ngikutin jam itu setiap kesini
    Ini mah bukan 007 tapi 00T

    hehe gue jg ngga gitu merhatiin bgimana jam itu bekerja. Brarti cuman ngikutin jam komputer doank yah hehehe :mrgreen:

  2. 2

    very nice written post! I really enjoyed reading this post :D btw, for me, as I have only seen bond movies starred by Pierce Brosnan, I vote him as my favorite bond actor. I also love Remington Steele :)

    thx mas Jimmy :D We share the same interest in Mr. Steele then. I’d love to have the DVD of the series though. Hope I can find the cheap seller :mrgreen:

  3. 3

    i choose pierce brosnan for best bond because i watch all his james bond movies :D

    daniel craig? belum sempat nonton quantom of solace :D
    ga bisa koment dulu tentang dia

    kalo yg lain? aku males nonton james bond versi jadul banget :D

    kyknya elo mending nongton casino royale dulu bro kalo emang belon nongton sbelum nongton quantum of solace. Ceritanya rada nyambung soalnyah. Hehe james bond yg jadul jg banyak yg keren lho bro :mrgreen:

  4. 4

    yahh karena gue produk masa kini, pasti gue bilang yang pas jadi jambon itu yah daniel craig ;)

    hehe karena gue bilang sean connery yg terbaik brarti gue produk orde lama donk :mrgreen:

  5. 5

    Pierce Brosnan, paling macho :D

    huehehehe tumben elo milihnya yg paling macho :mrgreen:

  6. 6

    I like pierce brosnan because he cool..

    yup, he’s cool indeed :mrgreen:

  7. 7

    Versi James Bond terbaik sebenarnya sih tergantung kedekatan karakter yang dibawakan aktor terhadap tokoh karangan Ian Flemin sendiri. Mau tau info ttg hal ini:

    1. James Bond yg paling dekat karakternya dgn buku
    Timothy Dalton adalah orangnya. Dalton membawakan tokoh James Bond benar2 setia dgn karakterisasi bukunya, maklumlah aktor panggung sejati ditambah dgn darah turunan Italianya (sama dgn Bond yg orang Inggris turunan Italiano). Desmond Llewelyn yang awalnya menyatakan hal itu setelah bekerja sama sebagai Q dgn Mr. Bond dari era Connery hingga Brosnan, dan diakui oleh banyak pihak. Selain itu Dalton jg dikenal sbg Bond yang melakukan adegan berbahaya tanpa stuntman, hal ini mulai diikuti oleh Daniel Craig.

    2. James Bond yang paling seksi
    Gak usah diulas deh kenapa Sean Connery didaulat sbg Bond paling seksi. Udah tua kayak sekarang aja masih banyak yang naksir koq.

    3. James Bond paling humoris dan romantis
    Ini dia yang paling disukai cewek2, Roger Moore lah yang membawakan Bond dgn penitik beratan keromantisannya dari pada kegarangan Bond sbg agen rahasia. Fans cowok banyak yang kecewa dgn Bond yang kurang sangar, tapi fans cewek justru tergila-gila.

    4. James Bond paling kalem
    Kalem adalah salah satu karakter Bond, ketika menghadapi bahaya Bond bisa mengelakkannya sambil tersenyum sambil merangkul cewek yg ngelendot manja. Siapa lagi kalau bukan Brosnan? Mungkin masih ada sisa kekaleman Remington Steel dalam diri Brosnan ketika membawakan karakter Mr. Bond.

    5. James Bond paling sial
    Hehehe…. ini dia Mr. Lazenby yang ketiban sial. Banyak yg bilang kalaupun Sean Connery yg membawakan Mr. Bond dalam On Her Majesty’s Secret Service juga bakalan nggak laku. Promosi film yang parah, produser film yang gak percaya sama aktor, hingga cerita film yang mengharuskan si playboy Bond kawin dan punya istri (walaupun istrinya akhirnya koit, tetap aja mengurangi minat fans yang lebih suka melihat Mr. Bond punya banyak cewek tanpa harus poligami).

    6. James Bond paling baru
    Silahkan datang ke bioskop kesayangan anda untuk melihat Mr. Bond era mutakhir ini.

    wah gila komen elo panjang banget pren :) Thx nih uda ngeluangin waktu ngetik banyak2x :) Gue re-komen di bwh ini nih :D
    1. kalo kata “terbaik” semata2x dihubungkan dgn kedekatan karakternya dgn yg di novel gue rada ngga sependapat pren. Terlebih dgn banyaknya versi karakter James Bond yg tentu saja disengaja dan bukan mrupakan sebuah “perlombaan” siapa yg paling deket ama versi novel. Lagipula Ian Fleming uda meninggal sejak jaman Sean Connery. Kyknya menarik kalo dia sempet ngliat banyak versi James Bond dan memberikan komentar atas semuanya :D
    2. hehe kalo yg ini gue setuju. Tp ini sifatnya subyektif. Gue memang menganggap Sean Connery yg terbaik. Buat yg lebih suka Daniel Craig, terutama generasi abad 21 mgkin bakal menganggap Craig lah yg the hottest. Anyway, it’s find :D
    3. si moore memang yg paling humoris dan anti kekerasan. Itu bagian dr karakter Bond yg dia pengenin. Dia paling ga suka ada adegan super keras di pilem Bond yg dia bintangin. Jadi ini lebih ke arah interpretasi sosok Bond di mata moore.
    4. hehehe bisa aja lo. Gue ga gitu yakin kalo pake kata kalem yg paling cocok siapa. Tp keliatannya sih si roger moore. Abis dia itu mau ngadepin ce ataupun ngadepin bahaya pun masih aja suka cengengesan :D
    5. hehehe kalo menurut gue justru si lazenby rada beruntung. Pilem Bond satu2xnya yg dia bintangin justru termasuk yg oke. Despite dia hrs kawin ama Diana Rigg (gue pengen banget ngliat dia lagi di serial The Avengers), karakter Bond bener2x hrs ngalamin banyak peristiwa dramatis di situ. Sayang bener si lazenby ga siap jd Bond. Jadinya ancur deh setiap dia nongol huehehehe
    6. Bond abad 21 silakan tonton di 21 :mrgreen:

  8. 8

    You’re 1.82m? That’s really tall.. When I saw Daniel Craig in the movies I thought he looked hot but then when I saw the pics you posted, I think he kinda looks like Gollum there… Anyways, the sexiest & the most handsome Bond is Pierce Brosnan.

    hehe yup, I’m 1.82m. Gollum from LOTR? really? this is the first time I heard someone saying that :D I think you’re reffering to the pic where he stands beside gemma arterton in the party, aren’t you. Yup, Brosnan is very handsome :D

  9. 9

    Wow..mas tigis!…it’s an excited article…i love it mas!..

    Mr James Bond….ooohhh I wouldn’t refuse one of them….they all are so hard to be resisted….

    they’re all perfecto!..yummy!..hot!..nyum nyum!..gentleman!..sexy!..truly breathtaking…

    klepek-klepek dah mas pokonya…

    wuiih..mas tigis tinggi juga yaah….berapa siy mas tepatnya?..hhhmmmm nanti kalo udah usia 35 ke atas, daftar aja mas jadi james bond indonesia…ditunggu dey mas pilem james bond indonesia-nya yg diperanin ama sigit susinggih….aku nanti mau dey mas jadi salah satu bond’s girl nya ya mas..ahuahuahauhahahaha…

    hehe james bond itu martabak ya, koq bisa di nyum nyum :mrgreen: ati2x lho Miss Uril kalo klepek2x kudu ngajak temen biar ada yg nolongin :) Hehe tepatnya ya 1.82m. Waduh, kyknya kudu operasi plastik total (ga hanya wajah) deh sbelum pede buat jadi jemsbong. Hehe tenang Miss Uril, n’tar tak telpon langsung buat jadi Bond’s girl kalo gue jadi jemsbong :mrgreen:

  10. 10

    lo belom niat ganti layout yak ? sakit euy mata gue liat item.

    no 2 baru tau eh.kurang populer kayaknya ya.

    aku suka daniel craig, soale tampangnya bandel. meski kalah tinggi ama bond tigis :P

    wah kalo blog pribadi gue lebih suka yg dark tuh Dian. Biar mencerminkan kesukaan pribadi juga :mrgreen: Iya, yg nomer 2 banyak yg ga tau. Abis do’i langsung tenggelam. Hehehe kalahnya cuman tinggi aja sayangnya :mrgreen: Doyan yg bandel2x ya? :P

  11. 11

    He..he..ngelihat ulasannya pak yusahrizal..Put jadi senyum2 sendiri..

    Ntuh Pakde Roger moore..ternyata dibilangin romantis, ya ..Padahal, Putri sendiri emoh ngelihat dia main..soalnya sok kecakepan..he..he..

    And baru menyadari ternyata si Daniel Craig ini satu2nya Bond yang blonde, ya…? he…he..

    Apa salahnya, sih, Bond menikah…Yang aneh tuh, gak menikah2..tapi tetap saja dikelilingi perempuan :D

    hehe iya Put, si roger moore emang pendekatannya begitu. Dia lebih suka ngutamain faktor “kelembutan” jdnya kesannya sok cakep :mrgreen: Eh btw, si Craig kmrn2x gue baca jg pernah bilang bakal dukung Bond kulit item setelah momen kemenangan Obama. Bond item bakalan kyk apa ya :mrgreen: Paling enak sih menikah, tp tetep dikelilingi perempuan Put hehehe

  12. 12

    ow…daniel craig yah yang paling pendek…kalo saya mah sukanya sama om brosnan ajah..lebih guanteng..

    kalo dr sisi kegantengan si Brosnan emang susah dikalahin Iv :D

  13. 13

    Ibu putri harus maklum, Roger Moore digilai cewek2 generasi awal tahun 1970-an sampai awal 1980-an, bukan generasi Ibu putri yang suka Brosnan (beneran khan?). Moore membawakan Mr. Bond dengan ringan dan kadang komikal. Moore juga lebih melakukan pendekatan romantisasi Mr. Bond dibandingkan sisi macho James Bond, mungkin karena itu Moore terlihat sok cakep karena sering keliatan gaya ngerayu cewek dari pada sibuk berantem sama musuhnya.

    O iya tambahan, Lazenby adalah satu2nya Bond yang nembak bergaya sambil berlutut (waktu adegan trademark James Bond nembak lewat bulatan laras senapan) juga pada adegan yang sama Sean Connery satu-satunya yang nembak sambil pake topi.

    kalo menurut gue sayangnya justru si Brosnan yg punya potensi lebih jadi Bond dgn gaya Moore ternyata ngerubah penampilan Bond di film dia. Ah, jd pengen nongton Remington Steele lagi :mrgreen:

  14. 14

    Good (film) posting !
    lengkap beneerrrr !! :)

    thx jek :D

  15. 15

    menurut gw gak ada satupun pemeran bond yang gagal, yang ada cuma yang terbaik. And the vote goes to Sean Connery!!!

    well we share the same vote ! :D Btw, ini Bo Derek yg bodynya yahud sampe2x dikasi nilai 10 di film 10 itu bukan yah :mrgreen:

  16. 16

    Kaget gw baca nama terakhir….pasti akan jadi bond yang beda dari yang sebelumnya….nama eropa wajah asia :mrgreen: …. my fav? Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan …Tigis?hehehee…no comment

    hehe n’tar Bond yg terakhir lo sebut itu bakal jadi Bond paling laris di negara2x dunia ketiga :mrgreen:

  17. 17

    who`s the next?? :mrgreen:

    I don’t know :mrgreen:

  18. 18

    @Pak Yusahrizal
    Saya gak penggemar Bond, pak..cuma pemerhati aja :D
    Karena yang sering diputar Bond-nya Pakde Moore makanya saya lebih kenal ama si Pakde ketimbang yang lainnya.

    Bond yang berikutnya….
    Mas Sigit ?
    sepertinya bisa dipertimbangkan :lol:
    he..he…*siap2 sprint, deh..ntar dihajar ama mas sigit lagi :D *

    hehehe n’tar kalo beneran gue yg jadi jemsbong brikutnya Putri kudu rajin2x nongton dan koleksi DVD nya lho :mrgreen:

  19. 19

    vote tigis for the next jambon, then :P

    lumayan mulai dapet vote :mrgreen:

  20. 20

    Daniel Craig lebih keren bob, lebih kejam dan berdarah dingin

    cocok ama karakter green force ngga nih bro Sahid? :D

  21. 21

    Tambahan info menarik.

    Sean Connery adalah satu-satunya aktor James Bond yang pake stuntman (namanya Bob Simmons) buat gantiin adegan nembak di bunderan laras senapan (gunbarrel) di awal film.

    Busyet dah, cuma buat adegan gitu doang pake stuntman, mana Bob Simmons sbg Mr. Bond nembaknya sambil locat lagi. Baru sejak Thunderball, Sean Connery yang jalan lalu nembak mendadak (sambil kakinya rada goyang, ilang keseimbangan kali yah??)

    Jadi dikit ngilangin poin gue buat Connery sbg tokoh James Bond paling macho deh.

    kalo adegan yg itu emang keliatan jelas pren. Yg paling lucu adegan itunya memang pilem2x awal Sean Connery. Menurut gue itu bukan krn Sean Connerynya. Wkt itu pilem james bond memang msh mencari bentuk. Pilem Dr. No aja serasa kyk bukan pilem james bond yg biasa kita liat. Pengembangan image pilem2x james bond akhirnya terbentuk setelah itu. Btw, gue sempet heran koq di Quantum of Solace adegan itu ngga ada. Ndilalah ternyata malah ditaro di belakang sbelum end credit title :mrgreen:

  22. 22

    mas sigit ini ada-ada aja…

    Put gak janji lho, mas…lagian gak perlu lah putri koleksi DVD-nya
    Soalnya khan yang jadi sutradaranya Putri…he..he….
    *nglantur mode on*

    wah bisa diatur donk adegannya kalo sutradaranya Putri hehe. Bond girls nya pilihin yg cakep2x ya Put :mrgreen:

  23. 23

    Totally agree with you Git, apalagi pas bagiannya Daniel Craig… ulasan yg pas sekali…

    Menurut saya DC is the best, udah ganteng, karisma misteriusnya dapet banget, really cool!

    btw baru tau nih kl DC is the shortest, ga nyangka masih tinggian loe hahaha

    oot: Git ini pimbem, dah ganti blog sm ID baru nih, ditunggu kedatangannya yaaa

    wah termasuk DC Fans Club rupanya :P Wah punya rumah baru yah. Ok deh smoga betah di rumah barunya. Gue pasti dateng ! :D

  24. 24

    Buat gue; Sean Connery adlah Bond paling tampan, Roger Moore adalah Bond yg paling humoris, sementara Pierce Brosnan adalah Bond paling sexy..

    Lainnya biasa aja :)

    brarti james bond era paling mutakhir ga masuk itungan mbak Astrid yah :D

  25. 25

    jelas pierce brosnan!

    hehe do’i emang ganteng banget :)

  26. NikeN #

    Gw suka Daniel Craig, cool abis!!! sama gw kayaknya masih tinggian dia kok

    hehe ya iyalahhhh…. :mrgreen:

  27. omkar #

    in my opinion daniel craig and sean conery are the best bonds ever

    hello bro Omkar, how are you today :) Yes, I agree with Sean Connery :) Thx for visiting this blog bro :)

  28. 28

    aq pgn tau dulu dong about mas tigis..
    mas ini fans berat film2 007 ya…coz tau sampe sejauh itu.klo ak mah baru ngefans skrg2 ini.
    Menurut sy ni ya…SEAN CONNERY is the best bond ever..!!! ,especially his charisma ! aktingnya tuh bner2 natural pokoknya…
    btw mas tigis punya fs or fb ga…kasihtau aq ya ,pgn kontak2 lg mas…please…..THnks

  29. 29

    atau ke sini aja mas : footballlover_autobots@yahoo.com(e-mail,fs,fb)
    dtunggu ya mas …..

  30. Phil #

    Many people think that George Lazenby was the best James Bond actor of all and that On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the best James Bond movie ever made. I personally do not agree – I think Sean Conery was the best – but calling Lazenby the worst is clearly ridiculous. Furthermore, what you have said is completely wrong. George Lazenby was not fired because of poor response to the movie. He wasn’t fired at all! The movie actually did very well but he himself decided to quit the role and did so before the movie opened in cinemas.
    Pierce Bronan was easily the worst James Bond. He was very good looking but that was all he had going for him. He is a terrible actor and didn’t deserve to be offeredmovie roles because he isn’t a good enough actor. Many people, including myself, stopped watching James Bond movies because Pierce Brosnon was such a terrible actor and ruined James Bond. Thankfully Daniel Craig came along and has done an excellent job of reviving James Bond by being the first actor since Sean Connery to be able to portray all of the aspects of James Bond – like Connery he is believable in all aspects of the role – from bare knuckle fighting, through incredible driving, to bedding the ladies. Easily the best Bond after Connery, followed by Lazenby, then Moore, then Dalton, then the absolutely pathetic Brosnan – who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag convincingly…

  31. hank #

    wtf? why is pierce number 5, he is much better than timothy dalton and george

  32. koko cute #

    aq suka bgt sm pierce brosnan…bulu dadanya manly bgt,, ngebayangin klo d atas ranjang….hemmm

  33. 33

    gimana cara nya

  34. 34

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