The Mystery of Upskirt Shot

In the Quantum of Solace movie review I wrote about controversial upskirt scene which sparks debate between moviegoers whether the actress was wearing underwear (panties) or not. The scene takes place in enemy’s lair at the desert. It’s when the general tried to rape a waitress. Now I got the pictures :mrgreen:

My friend Pri-Xu shared me a copy of this movie last night. So I tried to analyse the scene in more details. It’s quite difficult since the scene only takes about 4 seconds. I used Nero video player software to do this.

Unfortunately it’s a pirated movie so the pics quality is not that good. But from what I could see, I believe there’s “something” there between her leg. The colour is white, or at least a lot “whiter” compare to the colour of her skin. So I think she DID wearing a white panties :mrgreen:

I know most of you, especially guys :mrgreen: , would be disappointed with my observation. I believe there’s one moral lesson from this : Don’t Let Your Typical Wild Male Imaginations Fool You :mrgreen:

But I’ll let you to disagree with me by looking on the pics yourself. Here I share the total of 31 pics from that scene. Please take a good look at the pics #21. I think that’s the best part.

Download Upskirt Shot Link

(Note : I changed the link after zipping the file into one file named Photo Upskirt.rar)

From all of you who gave comments to Quantum Of Solace movie review, there are two comentators who said that the actress DID wearing an underwear. Those are Sheilla and C Ronaldo. Sheilla said that she was wearing an underwear which matched her skin tone. C Ronaldo said that she’s wearing a WHITE underwear.

If she’s indeed wearing a white underwear I guess I must congratulate C Ronaldo for his good observation. I know that he’s been married for about a year. Perhaps that makes him a very good observer in women underwear :mrgreen:


Note : All the pics shared above are the scenes from Quantum of Solace movie which is officially approved by the Indonesian National Film Censorship Board to be showed for public across Indonesia.

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  1. 1

    Pertamax!!! :D
    and she use white underwear :D

    kalo ga make underwear ga bakalan lulus sensor, mas :D

    hehehe adegannya cepet banget jadi kyknya ada deh peluang lolos sensor :mrgreen:

  2. 2

    halah ini yg dibahas kok celana dalamnya sih :P

    say no to bajakan *bilangin temannya ya

    hehe soalnya baru skrg ketauan benernya gimana :mrgreen: N’tar si Pri-Xu bakal nongol koq di sini :mrgreen:

  3. 3

    Huahahahahahaha masih dibahasss I can’t believe you made observation on her underwear :) ) Finally the mystery has been releaved :P

    Oh well at least I was close :) )

    hehe yes I got the softcopy of the movie so I thought I must close this issue asap :D Yup, you’re close enough :mrgreen:

  4. 4

    wedew.. klo urusan beginian dibahas tuntas ama cowok-cowok rupanya yak ;)

    huehehe hal2x ginian bikin penasaran soalnya :mrgreen:

  5. 5

    bujubuneng… serius banget lho riset-nya.
    Coba kalo elo handle persoalan line zilok(gh) sama seperti elo bikin posting ini, pasti line itu gak problem kayak sekarang :)

    huehehehe kalo msh ada si S mgkin gue coba bela2xin jek :mrgreen:

  6. Tim #

    Why you really are jobless researching on such a thing? Could have done more profitable things that time!

    hehehe yes Tim, I guess you’re right :D I did it mostly to satisfy my curiousity :mrgreen: and off course to end the debate regarding this matter hehehe

  7. C.Ronaldo #

    Hehe..Berterima kasih lah kepada orang2 lembaga sensor pelm. Kalo mata mereka ga “tajam” masalah underwear, adegan ├Čni kagak bakalan muncul.
    Ada yg prnh kepikiran ga,bagaimana mereka training untuk mendeteksi yg beginian. Tentu saja mereka harus melalui qualification dulu kan? Hehe..

    hehe keliatannya bukan mslh ketajaman mata pren. Mgkin mereka di sono bisa pake slow motion mode. Disamping buat lebih detail, jg biar bisa dinikmatin sendiri dulu huehehe :mrgreen:

  8. 8

    hahahahaha…. u really have plenty of time to investigate such thing. What is the actress is a 70 something year old lady? will u still consider to investigate whether or not she wears undies? :mrgreen:

    what? 70?? I think I’m gonna pass and let someone else do it In :mrgreen:

  9. 9

    hahahahah….I knew u’ll say it :D

    hehehe I have to admit 70 years old women is totally not for me :mrgreen:

  10. Pri-Xu #

    kalo menurut gw om Tigis mah belum bisa mbedain antara cew yg pake underwear ato yg tidak pake.Do’i kan belum pengalaman…he he he..

    huehehehe iya kali yak :mrgreen:

  11. 11

    Now this is what we call a complete waste of time..! I guess your pretty intuitive hehehe..!

    hehehe you got me there :D

  12. kookimebux #

    Hello. And Bye. :)

  13. 13

    apa an nich!!!

  14. Magoichi Saika #

    At last! I found other people who are as observant as I am! It only takes a split second of film take for me to wonder whether this was intentional. This sure is a turn on. Well, the actual rape is a close second though.

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