Movie Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Actually how is Alien supposed to be? Evil and hostile? Nice and friendly? Or maybe they have all of those aspects of characters. Just like us.

The Day The Earth Stood Still is a remake of the legendary 1951’s sci-fi movie with the same title. It tells the story about the alien who visit the earth to warn the human being about the danger of our behaviour to this earth.

This movie promise a lot but sadly failed to deliver. With this kind of story, this movie should have all the humanity aspects carried on its shoulder from start to finish. Instead, it is trapped into more visual effects exploitations than humanity explorations.

The focus in this movie lies on the character of Klaatu, the alien, and how his interactions with Dr. Helen Benson and her stepkid changed the way he thinks about human being. I believe the director should stay this way for most of the movie durations. Too bad, he didn’t even try to dig deeper into more human emotional aspects between them. Only slight moment of burst human emotion suddenly changed Klaatu’s mind. What a waste.

Keanu Reeves who played Klaatu showing decent job here. But for me the real star in this movie is Jennifer Connelly who played Dr. Helen Benson. Maybe her strikingly beautiful face mesmerized me that much, but her presence is always lovely to watch. The development of her character was very good. The story could really kick off from there. Too bad it’s wasted. Maybe because the duration is not long enough, or bad taste in editing process, or simply because of mediocre script and directing.

In general, this movie can really attract people who miss to watch Keanu Reeves again. Surprisingly he looks much older here. I suddenly realized that my hero, namely Jack Traven and Thomas Anderson aka Neo, is indeed a normal human being who’ll be surely getting older. Man, it means i’m much older too.

Title : The Day The Earth Stood Still
Director : Scott Derrickson
Cast : Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith, John Cleese, Jon Hamm
Genre : sci-fi
My Rating : 2.5 out of 5

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  1. 1

    Aku dengar sekarang lu dapat “tambahan” waktu ngeblog dari kumpeni? Bener atau issue :mrgreen:

    hehe tunggu aja keputusannya jek. Gue jg msh ga tau nih :mrgreen:

  2. 2

    remake movie; compare to the old one, for me the new one has more interesting because of the ‘nu-nu’ guy :D
    haven’t watch at cinema yet, owh canceled.. maybe later on DVD ;)

    wait for the DVD? oh yeah, I know you’re waiting for the sequel of Twilight :mrgreen: Btw, i believe the original movie was superb.

  3. 3

    Cepat amat nih bro, barusan launch nih film udah nonton. Kayak Julius Kesasar aja nih. Vini, Vidi, Vici – I come, I watch , I review, tambahin satu lagi I ngeblog.

    Belom nonton, keduluan liat Punish Her (Hukum cewek itu, gender banget yah?) War Zone. Ntar deh nunggu bajakan yg rada bagus punya baru nonton. Ini film kayaknya bagus cuma krn efek doang, karena itu kudu ditonton dgn kualitas gambar bagus pula. Kalau ditonton tanpa kualitas gambar yg bagus entar kayak nonton Journey to the center-nya Brendan Fraser tanpa 3D.

    hehe kebetulan lagi gelundungan pren. Jadi ya mending langsung nongton aja :mrgreen: Yo’i pren, silakan kunjungi bingoskop sekali2x :D

  4. Pri-Xu #

    Pilem nya pasti keren neh…GW suka kalo tuh cow yg meranin pilem.
    Eh jek lo kemane aje..lama kagak liat…betul tuh issue nyang berkeliaran…

    wah pasti nih elo langsung nyari kopinya :D Hehe tunggu aja jek, belon ada keputusan nih :mrgreen:

  5. 5

    Put suka Keanu Reeves…sepertinya film2 yang dimainkannya Lumayan menarik.. :D

    wah kyknya banyak ya fans nya Mas Nunu :D

  6. 6

    the story is good, the making is not. too bad, that’s why I give rating 2 for this movie :D

    I believe the basic story is fantastic. But they failed to build the plot. Yup, agree it’s too bad :)

  7. 7

    the only reason I’ll watch this movie is just because of Mas Nunu and Jennifer :D

    hehe you spot on there mas Jimmy :D

  8. 8

    great review!!

    thx Iv :D

  9. 9

    ah dah lama gak liat akang keanu di movie. pilem mengkhayal lagi ? ja ja the call it scifi

    hehe iya, rasanya seneng ngeliat mas Nunu lagi di pilem :mrgreen: Bukannya elo suka mengkhayal ya :P

  10. 10

    ya, mirip2 lagu gelora asmara yg remake dg judul yg sama, awalnya gw kaget kok postingan iseng2 itu tiba2 langsung melejit, eh.. belakangan baru ‘ngeh ya gara2 nama penyanyinya, terlepas gimanapun lagunya

    hehe berarti kudu sering2x posting remake donk pren :mrgreen:

  11. 11

    kerenn kayaknya segera berburu nih pilem :D

    berburunya di bingoskop aja ya pren :mrgreen:

  12. 12

    as usual, good review…

    thx jek :mrgreen:

  13. 13

    I agree with the lady doctor really looked awesome

    I just saw the thriller when I watched “Twilight”

    and the question really got me into thinking

    “Actually how is Alien supposed to be? Evil and hostile? Nice and friendly? Or maybe they have all of those aspects of characters. Just like us.”

    i missed this blog for a while. It’s good to be back

    Hi Pchi, it’s very nice to have you back. Hope you’re always ok there despite your busy schedules :) Yup, maybe alien is so human after all :mrgreen:

  14. 14

    Wah, saya kuatir film ini mirip the wars of the world yg mengecewakan (saya) sebab bagian akhirnya gak masuk akal – alien canggih dikalahkan sama bakteri. Moga-moga lebih baik ya.

    Dan Keanu? tua-tua sekoteng, makin tua makin ganteng, hehe… :)

    kalo dibanding ama war of the world nya tomkruz kyknya masih jauh lebih bagus wotw deh mbak Astrid :mrgreen: Huehehehe tua asal ganteng ya mbak Astrid :)

  15. niken #

    :( ( gak ada adegan romantisnya……

    hehehe jgn ah, ga pengen ngeliat jennifer connely romantis2xan ama yg laen :mrgreen:

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