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Who’s gonna stay at the top of the table after the upcoming festive season in English Premier League? Do you have any prediction? Here’s mine :D

These are the fixtures of the so called “Big Four” in festive season :


26 December – Aston Villa vs Arsenal

28 DecemberArsenal vs Portsmouth

I think the 1st game at Villa Park will be a tricky one. Aston Villa always play dangerously at home. I predict Arsenal will be beaten here. But I believe Arsenal will win the home game against Portsmouth who do look in some sort of instability after Harry Redknapp left the club. From those 2 games I predict Arsenal will earn 3 points.


26 DecemberChelsea vs West Bromwich Albion

28 December – Fulham vs Chelsea

Chelsea’s home form this season haven’t been going as well as usual. But I believe they’ll be too strong for WBA. I’m sure they’ll beat Fulham at Craven Cottage as well because their away form this season have been excellent. Clean sweep 6 points for Chelsea.


26 DecemberLiverpool vs Bolton Wanderers

28 December – Newcastle United vs Liverpool

Similar with Chelsea, Liverpool have always been struggling to play against a lesser team at home this season. But their away form have been fantastic. So I think Liverpool will get a draw against Bolton Wanderers and win the game against Newcastle. 4 points for Liverpool.

Manchester United

26 December – Stoke City vs Manchester United

28 DecemberManchester United vs Middlesbrough

Man Utd had a slow start this season. But they are back now with a very good performance. They have the strongest squad in the premier league, it has to be said. I’m sure they will win both games at home and away. Man Utd is too strong for Stoke City and Middlesbrough. They will get 6 points.

With my prediction above, after festive season I believe the tables for those 4 “big clubs” will be like this :

1. Chelsea

2. Liverpool

3. Manchester United

4. Arsenal

Chelsea and Liverpool will be a head of Man Utd as Man Utd still have two games in hand. If they can win those games then Man Utd will share the top spot with Chelsea (Chelsea have better goal difference). I didn’t put Aston Villa in this list not because they’re not a quality side, but only because I want to focus on those “big four” clubs. To be honest, Aston Villa have a great chance this year to break into champions league spot.

Anyway, that is what my head told me. What does my heart tell me? Here it is :

1. Liverpool

2. Arsenal

3. Chelsea

4. Manchester United



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  1. 1

    i’m not good in predicting anything
    but your prediction is reasonable enough
    i’m with u bro
    keep it up

    with my head or with my heart bro? Hope you’re with my heart :mrgreen:

  2. 2

    *keplak-keplakin tigis*
    itu Manchester United koq nomer 4??
    how could you!! how dare you!!

    hehehe skali2x ya, masak nomer satu terus :mrgreen:

  3. ika #

    i haven’t watched football seriously since graduated from high school.,heheh

    I can understand that :) Man, when do women start to learn that football is the greatest sport on earth :mrgreen:

  4. 4

    I just wish that MU will be at the top again :D

    another fans of Man Utd :D

  5. C.Ronaldo #

    Ape lu…!

    Btw, prediksi gua tntng Liverpool beda men. Tetep bakalan dapet poin, tp yg dapet hasil seri dari Newcastle. Ato malah kalah huehehe.. Let us see aje ntar.

    huehehehe emanglah ini red devils ama the reds ga pernah akur :mrgreen:

  6. 6

    karena chelsea no 1, gue ikut aja prediksi elo jek :)

    huehehehe dasar luh The Blues :)

  7. 7

    Manchester United-Chelsea Hmmmmmmmmmmm
    In this match the winer is Man.Utd 2-0

    hallo bro Florim, nice prediction you got there :) I saw many predicting Man Utd will come up as a winner. Especially they’ll play at Old Trafford. But I got the feeling that maybe Chelsea, as the underdog, can come up as a winner with narrow margin. 1-2 perhaps. We’ll see tonight :)

  8. 8

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