Serginho van Dijk Wants to Play for Indonesia

Serginho van Dijk is a footballer who’s currently playing in Australian footbal league. He’s a joint top scorer there. What surprised me is that he who’s coming from Netherland actually has Indonesian mother and really wants to play for Indonesian national football team.

Our country never have any experience of naturalising any foreign footballer so it’s really interesting to see a foreigner, despite having Indonesian mother, play for the national team. It’s quite different compare to Singapore off course who have been using many true foreign players (not having any family relation to the country) as the backbone of their national team. Looking at the high achievement of Singapore’s national team with those many true foreign players recently, I don’t see why Indonesia can’t do the same with “half” foreign players begin with Serginho van Dijk.

Anyway, I don’t want to say more. I let you read directly from the source. I will paste it here and share the link at the most bottom part.


Slick van Dijk puts his hand up – for Indonesia

The Roar striker is bemused by assumptions he is part-Brazilian, writes Michael Cockerill.

THE A-League’s joint top scorer, Serginho van Dijk, wants to make two things clear – he doesn’t have any Brazilian heritage and he wants to play for Indonesia.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, van Dijk’s ancestry has been the subject of much confusion since he arrived in Australia at the start of the season to play for Queensland Roar. But in the wake of Queensland’s painful exit from the title race in last weekend’s preliminary final, van Dijk is keen to clear up the misconceptions.

“I have no idea where all that talk about Brazil came from,” he said. “I have no Brazilian blood at all. My father is Dutch, my mother is Indonesian. Of course my first name is Brazilian, because that was the name of a famous Brazilian striker at the 1982 World Cup, which is the year I was born. Maybe my skin colour also confuses some people.”

What hasn’t confused anyone is van Dijk’s stunning second half of the season, when he raced to the top of the scorer’s charts [12 goals] – scoring 10 goals in his last 11 games as Queensland mounted a serious assault on the championship, only to fall at the penultimate hurdle in Adelaide. Recently recognised as Fox Sports’ player of the year, van Dijk’s headline-grabbing performances also alerted Indonesian football authorities, who now need to overcome a mountain of red tape to clear him to play for the Merah Putih.

Intriguingly, Indonesia are competing in the same 2011 Asian Cup qualifying campaign as Australia and van Dijk could find himself up against Roar teammate Craig Moore when the Socceroos host Indonesia in the return fixture in March next year. The two teams recently played out a scoreless draw in Jakarta.

“I’m really serious about this,” van Dijk said. “I have had some people contact me, I had a talk with them, and there was a meeting last week with the Indonesian Football Federation [PSSI]. They are positive about me playing for Indonesia. So that’s good. Now we have to sort it out regarding nationality. I would like double nationality. I don’t want to give up my Dutch passport, because it brings up all sorts of negative things for me. After my career I want to go home, so that would make it very hard if I have to give up my nationality.

“But there is a friendly game coming up against Manchester United [July 24] and they already asked me if I want to play that game. It’s a non-FIFA game, so I don’t need citizenship for that. Of course, I would love to play.”

While Indonesia don’t have a history of naturalising foreigners to play for the national team – their professional league is full of talented African and South American players, many of whom have been playing in the country for several years – van Dijk’s heritage will help, although he will need to become a test case for the authorities. As it stands Indonesian law prohibits dual citizenship, but football officials have long argued the case on behalf of the large Dutch/Indonesian community based in the Netherlands – seeing it as potential source of untapped talent.

Van Dijk would love to become a pioneer, not simply for football reasons, but because he retains a strong affinity with his Indonesian roots.

“I go there many times to visit my family,” he said. “My grandfather is from the Molucca Islands, my grandmother is from Java. I can speak Bahasa, but where most of my family is coming from we also speak another dialect. But I can understand most things, although it takes a bit of time. I still have a good bond with my Indonesian background.”

With Indonesia historically lacking a genuine target man, van Dijk’s claims are gathering substance and an international debut would cap off what has been a memorable first season in Australia after years of moderate achievement in the lower levels of Dutch football. “This season opened a lot of doors for me, you never know what to expect in football,” van Dijk said. “Now I have this exciting opportunity for me and I hope it can be sorted out. It has always been a dream of mine to play international football and I think I have the best years of my career in front of me.

“Indonesia are a good team and they’re improving. I watched them against Jamaica two years ago, I think they won 2-0, and I saw the last game against Australia and they pass the ball better, they keep possession better. I am sure they can qualify for the Asian Cup and I would like to help them get there.”


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  1. 1

    Beside van dijk there are others international footballer (commonly from netherland) that keep an eye to get a chance to play for indonesian national football team. But the nationality rule in Indonesia that said someone can’t have double nationality will make footballer such van dijk difficult to join with us.

    Hopefully, PSSI find a solution for this because there are lot of talented ‘Indonesian blood’ who want to join with Indonesian football team and I am sure if that happen it can enhance our football national team.

    yes bung Jafar, I agree. Perhaps there might be some exceptions for “half” Indonesian like him :)

  2. 2

    i really waiting dick play on indonesian nation team or atleast he play on ISL

    yup, let’s wait for that good news :)

  3. 3

    iyah dengar2 juga katanya mau gabung tu ma timnas….

    ho’oh, tunggu aja … :mrgreen:

  4. 4

    sebel aku kalo ada yg nulis/ngomong : I speak Bahasa..

    What bahasa ?!?!???

    wah gue stuju banget. Gue kenal org ngomong gitu baru pas pindah ke batam. Itu org2x filipin pd ngomong speak bahasa semua. Asli bikin dongkol. Emang apa susahnya nyebut nama negara gue.

  5. 5

    Moga bisa jadi kenyataan, biar kita bisa lihat aksi nyatanya bukan sekedar lewat TV :)

    lho, mau bela2xin dtg ke stadion ya. Kalo gue mah tetep aja nonton siaran langsung di tipi :mrgreen:

  6. 6

    kayaknya doi gak bakalan jadi pemain pssi, secara dia tidak mau melepaskan kewarganegaraan belanda-nya. Indonesia tidak mengenal warga negara ganda. Tapi kalo korupsi berganda-ganda. Main lah ke :

    Hehe kalo korupsi kyknya ga cuman ganda deh. Tp kyk maen bola, bersebelas :mrgreen:

  7. 7

    wah, balik lagi nih ke negara nenek moyang :)

    huehehe leluhur ceritanya :mrgreen:

  8. 8

    Mudah2 gabung aja biar gabung ama bambang pamungkas

    semoga pren, kita liat aja ya :)

  9. 9

    gak begitu mengenal si om Serginho ini..

    Asalkan dia bersedia bergabung dg PSSI dan bisa membangkitkan persepakbolaan Indonesia, sih…gak masalah

    iya Put, gue jg ga begitu kenal. Keliatannya ga banyak jg org Indonesia yg ngikutin liga ostrali :) Iya, semoga sepakbola Indonesia bisa berjaya :)

  10. 10

    will he contribute significant achievement to Indonesian team after joining? *skeptic mode ON*

    well I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait and see. But considering that Indonesia don’t have a target man upfront, I think he’ll have some significant contribution :)

  11. 11

    Birokrasi Indonesia memang terkenal mempersulit bangsanya sendiri. Jangankan yang berkewarganegaraan ganda, yang WNI lahir besar di Indo saja sulit ngurus ini itu… :roll:

    Menghambat kemajuan timnas demi tegaknya peraturan ini namanya. :evil:

    yo’a bro, kl gitu kita tunggu aja deh perkembangannya

  12. 12

    I am as a civilizen of indonesian employment very very dissapointed if serginho van dijk not permitted by PSSI to play in national team of indonesia,I will considering PSSI is the most responsible for ability national team that stagnant

    yes, bro Balbo2cool, hope we can see him playing for our country :)

  13. 13

    I hope van dijk playing for indonesia national team soon! Please PSSI make my hope became true

  14. 14

    I trust in PSSI they will make our dream became trully to called van dijk playing with national team,please PSSI

  15. Jay #

    well, I guess Indonesian policy of single nationality, would be the largest stumbling block on Van Dijk’s decision. We are not talking about a petty issue here, it is one huge constitutional problem who would need a minister-level-executive decision.
    It might as well provoke a nationwide debate about nationality, ethics, and national identity.

    So if I were you, I wouldn’t be expecting to see Van Dijk playing for Indonesia within the next 1 year or so, because a major change in constitution is very unlikely during general election.

    To be frank, Van Dijk would be a huge addition for the team in center forward position (which traditionally is Indonesia’s biggest weakness). He would easily slip in front of the like of Sudarsono and Pamungkas who are by far no means of a strong targetman. But even so, could one man change the course of history for Indonesia? I don’t think so, but van dijk could open the way for other half-blood to play for Indonesia.

    Btw, the user of this blog should really improve his/her english. Journalism english and simple conversational english are much different.

    hello bro Jay, thx a lot for your comment. Really appreciate it :) Thx also for your advise. Actually the reason I use English in this blog is because I feel that my English is not very good. I want to practice it more here :mrgreen:

  16. adhit #

    setuju…sa akan hadirrr di senayaaannn jika van dick dan bachdim di mainkann…buat pssi ini kesempatan…biar pemain yang lain blajar bermain sepak bola yang benar..modern dan memaksimalkan taktik serta teknik….kalo ngandalin pemain bentukan liga lokal mahhh…ampe ayam niat ngawinin kambing juga pssi ga maju2……heheheee.e……bravo van dick…nurdin kelauuutttt!!

    hehe kita tunggu aja bro :)

  17. Hubert Faubert Miguel Saloncio Hernandes #



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