Gwyneth Paltrow Shiny Legs

I’m quite surprised to read yahoo website headlines this morning. It’s not about financial crisis. It’s not about politics. It’s not about war. It’s not about disaster. But it’s about Gwyneth Paltrow shiny legs :mrgreen:

As you can see on the picture above, her legs are sooooo shiny. I don’t know what things that can make woman’s legs are so “slippery” like that. She couldn’t be sweating during the interview only on her legs. If it’s a skin lotion well I think it’s quite strange how come she didn’t realize that she’s “over lotioning” her legs :mrgreen:

In every TV shows there are crews including make up artists who are taking care of how do the guests/artists look on TV. Maybe they have a new crew who doesn’t know how to lotion other person. Or maybe there’s a male crew who admire Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs so much he couldn’t help but keep on lotioning her legs over and over before the show :mrgreen:

According to the news on yahoo website it took only one commercial break for the crews to realize that she’s been “over moisturized” :mrgreen: After that break her legs looked less shiny. But nothing that she can’t do now about those shiny legs moments. Her legs might become more famous after this :mrgreen:

I can’t find a good quality video on youtube about this “shiny legs” interview. There’s one which not really good but perhaps you can watch. I just put the link here.

So, since it might become a trend, would you like to have shiny legs in public? :D

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  1. Dian #

    bujug dah..bisa buat ngaca tuh. and pasti elu duluan yg bakalan ngaca :P

    kalo ngacanya di situ tanggung :mrgreen:

  2. 2

    Biasa mah itu…efek kamera…he..he..
    *SOTOy mode ON*

    efek kamera khusus betis ya Put :)

  3. 3

    ebusjeeeettt.. soooo glossy!
    *bisa buat maenan perosotan ituh*

    yg mau merosot yg mana nih :mrgreen:

  4. 4

    arrghhh.. poor gwyneth… :(

    she’s just not having her day :)

  5. 5

    Hahahhaha, I spotted the headline but I didn’t click the link, if I knew the news was this interesting I would’ve clicked it :P

    Could she possibly put baby oil on it? Lol. Cus when I had my belly dance performance last time, I put like half bottle of baby oil on my stomach just to have that shiny effect hahahahahahahahahaha. Yak cukup. I thought it was sexy, but I don’t know… I guess it doesn’t work on the legs…

    hehe maybe it’s very sexy for the stomach in belly dance costume but I think you’re right that it doesn’t work on the legs :mrgreen:

  6. 6

    Hehehe….I didn’t realize that this can be such a great topic to discuss. I did watch the show and her legs indeed shone brightly :D . I might be able to see my face on her legs. Some lotion or moisturizer designed for such purpose, but as u said it might had been too much for Gwyneth that day :D . Put it on face and she can be a walking sun ….hhahaha….

    hehehe or maybe she’s just got back from the beach where she poured her entire body with it and forgot to clean her legs before the interview :mrgreen:

  7. 7

    wow, and i thought Paltrow’s legs were distracting before…

    hehe they’re more famous :mrgreen:

  8. 8

    ga ah… kaki gw buluan hahahaha

    brarti kudu dicukur dulu kalo mau mengkilat :mrgreen:

  9. 9

    wah… sayang ga ada skrinsyut sesi setelah comm break ituh… pengen ngebandingin soalnya :lol:

    hehehe iya foto yg ngga bersinar ga punya. Di videonya kyknya ga gitu keliatan ya :mrgreen:

  10. mayka337638 #

    What happened to it?

  11. 11

    Despite of her shiny leg, Gwyneth is still my favorite female artist :)

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