Enough of Firefox

I’ve been using firefox for less than a year. I started using firefox when internet explorer couldn’t show me the error display on this blog. At that moment my blog was a mess. All the sidebars went to the footer :mrgreen: . That’s the time when I decided to become firefox user because firefox browser could show me exactly what’s going on with my blog.

Maybe what people are saying that honeymoon won’t last long is true. It began about couple months ago when firefox started to run slowly. I was not sure what’s going on. Whether it’s because I started to visit youtube regularly or what. But it continued to show consistent slow performance ever since.

Things got even worse as time passing by. I had to wait until 10-15 minutes for firefox to start to open the 2nd page. Sometimes it struggled even to open the 1st page. I started to wonder what’s going on. Do I have to decide a crucial step in my life which is to divorce :mrgreen:

Well, eventually the time has come. It was yesterday. When I wrote a post in one of my blog and publish it. It took firefox about 1 hour :( . I had enough. My temper was really put into the test yesterday. I decided to leave my wife, sorry I mean firefox and let it staying with its parents :mrgreen: But I’m still wondering though. Well I have to admit that my computer is not a super advanced computer. But with dual processor pentium 3Ghz and 512mb memory (vga on board) I still think that firefox should be able to handle the tasks.

Starting from last night I have to go back to be one of the internet explorer users. It surprised me really because it feels like it’s 10 times faster than firefox. I haven’t experienced any total hang up until now. Hopefully until forever :mrgreen:

Well how about you? If you’ve ever experienced some bad moments with firefox don’t hesitate to give some comments here :)


Update 15 June 2009 :

I just realized that actually I have google chrome installed in my PC. So I’m testing it now. So far it’s great. Looking forward to use this as my default browser :mrgreen:

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  1. 1

    oh ya?
    IE lebih cepat, ya ?
    Bukannya biasanya lebih lambat dari mozilla ?

  2. 2

    firefox still love me :mrgreen:

    try to use opera…. :p

  3. 3

    still FF bro, coz IE n other browsers still can not play my radio streaming even tried multi, many n vary


  4. 4

    beli memory ram 4gb aja, jadi playboy dicintai wanita2 lainnya… sorry maksudnya sopwer2 lainnya :p

  5. 5

    am owkey with firefox.. he still handsome like before, nice and update his skills as always.. so, i’ll stick with him.. he’s comfort me :P
    *koq tiba-tiba jadi berasa rumantis, halaaaahhh*

  6. 6

    aku selama ini makai dua. FF ama IE. dari jaman purba dulu, si FF masih error, minta diupdate. udah aku update, masiiiih aja sama. tp aku tetap pake karena bisa buka tab sekali banyak.

  7. 7

    Masih pake si rubah api. aku malah males buka IE, karena justru malah lbh lambat. terutama kalau liat film panjang pake streaming. Mungkin Shio-nya cocok kali yah :lol:

  8. 8

    Ihhh bingung gua, kok malah sebel ama FF dan malah suka IE sih? Baru kali ini gw temukan yg seperti ini hahaha. IE is a nightmare, especially for web designers, it’s like dealing with a girl, you tell them one thing and they just interpret it the other way, lol. Loe yakin kesalahan ada pada browser anda? Bukan kompie atau scripting di blog loe? Barusan gw validate blog ini dan ternyata ada 182 error lho…

  9. 9

    gw memang ga mikirin2 amat yang beginian… tapi IE itu sinting buang2 waktunya!!! mending FF deh! atau opera skalian!!! :D :D :D

  10. 10

    just try opera.. it works great even in my win98 pc! :)

  11. 11

    wah kenapa nih? kalo aku tetep pake mozilla :)

  12. 12

    Kalau aku skg bukan pertimbangan cepatnya, tapi karena udah tergantung FF yg bejibun add-on nya macam plugin WP aja :)

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