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I thought there’s nothing special with this public rest room in pic above. I found this rest room in Sriwedari amusement park in Solo, Central Java. But when I tried to look a little bit closer I suddenly realized that there are actually “two genders” allowed to use exactly the same rest room.

As far as I remember, eventhough my parents both were coming from Solo, I’ve never visited this place before. So I’m not sure since when these “two genders” arrangement started. I believe it’s not a problem for PRIA (men). But I wonder whether it’s the same case for WARIA (transexual) because as I know waria have similar sexual interest with women which is sexually attracted to men.

I was interested to check what’s inside this “men/waria’s” rest room so I came inside. Well, as you can see on the pics there are open space which reminds me of men’s room in masjid. And off course there’s a closed room for the toilet. Hope there’ll be no “peeking incident” if those “two genders” use the open space side by side :mrgreen:

With this arrangement it’s literally stated that in Solo, or at least in Sriwedari, waria is also a gender, having the same position as men and women. I heard many times indeed that in Solo waria often use Sriwedari area for gathering in the night. It’s even stated that Solo is one of the major waria city in Java or maybe even in Indonesia.

Btw, sometimes I find it quite funny that this city have extreme points in both totally opposite ideology. Solo have strong waria community who represents hedonistic way of life, but on the other hand Solo is also many times being claimed in the news as having strong Islamic terrorists base. Suddenly I remember Noordin M Top, a malaysian terrorist who loved to destroy Indonesia. He even dare to use Islamic reason to destroy my country. He was killed in Solo so it means he considered Solo as a safe hiding place for the so called Islamic terrorist. But then it’s stated in the news that after corpse examination the doctors confirmed that he is having a “strange” anus like he was sodomized regularly. I think Noordin M Top is not waria eventhough in one of his widely spread photos he looks like one. But the news about his strange anus makes me wonder whether he’s enjoying living in both worlds influencing his decision to hide in Solo :mrgreen:

Well, going back to the rest room in Sriwedari. I’m not really sure if gay is considered the same as waria. So if later on gay community have been accepted in Sriwedari, maybe we’ll see “three genders” arrangement in the same rest room like this: PRIA/WARIA/GAY. And maybe next we’ll even see WANITA/LESBIAN words as well in another entrance :mrgreen:

do you know the answer to the question below?
pria x wanita
gay x lesbian
waria x ?????

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  1. 1

    Mas sigit………….
    Finally..u’re comeback [again]…
    Senangnya…. :D

    Kalo melihat dari maksud “papan” itu…menurut Put sih..lebih agar mereka (baca:waria) tidak menggunakan toilet wanita…
    Karena meskipun mereka telah mengalami “transexual” genital (begitu, ya, namanya ? :D )..tetap saja pada dasarnya mereka laki-laki…

    Lagi pun tidak akan berasa nyaman untuk para wanita jika kelak satu ‘toilet’ dengan mereka….

    *ini menurut pendapat awam Putri, sih :D *

    hehe iya Put, timbul tenggelam ya gue. Jd lebih nyaman mana, satu toilet ama waria apa ama gay :mrgreen:

  2. 2

    huahahhaha AMUSING ONE!

    Sneng deh di indonesia yang begini akhirnya diperjelas ;)

    Eniwei… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

    Kemane aje ooom???Iya nih gw balik siaran lagih tapi indonesiaan hihihi gapapalah.. streaming yah! Tiap senin-jumat jam 1-4

    Yeap, live goes easy on me since i dont mind what others say :p

    Kapan ke bandung laaah????

    hehe biasa lagi cari ide biar bisa tetep jd kaum gelundungan. Ok deh Nat, coba minggu depan ini gue ke warnet buat streaming. Koneksi flash gue kyknya uda dibatesin nih :mrgreen:

  3. 3

    Hehehe lucuuu.

    Kalo gay belum tentu waria yah, tapi kalo waria sudah pasti gay? ^ ^

    And now the thought of Noordin Top’s anus is bothering me…

    kalo pake patokan sexual interest nya kyknya begitu deh. Bedanya mgkin krn kalo waria ngrasa dirinya ce ya smentara gay ngga. Hehe I’m curious it’s bothering you in what way… :mrgreen:

  4. 4

    where have u been bro? traveling or busy looking for a wife? hehehe…I don’t really bother bout the sign board pria/waria…what I noticed first is the toilet is pretty clean and that’s quite amazing considering that most public toilet in Indonesia are disgusting. To my opinion, the using of double gender (if waria can be considered as the third gende :D ) is due to the nature of waria…which is MAN…(u know the ’sword’) … and the facilities in women’s toilet will not accomodate them…kecuali kalau mereka juga sekarang udah kecing jongkok….wkwkwkw

  5. Silo #

    waria x priwan (or tomboy) he..he

  6. 6

    Enggak lah, mas…
    Nggak nyaman ama dua-duanya…. :D

    Hayo mas sigit..posting lagi.. *kasih semangat buat mas sigit untuk nge-blog lagi*

  7. 7

    Oh..pantesan dia sembunyi di Solo yak…buat ketemu komunitasnya :D Dia pasti juga sering pipis di toilet ini :P

  8. 8

    so waria is a hermaphrodite…

  9. 9

    wasn’t anybody around of this public rest room when you were taking picture?
    i had an experience taking pic in one of hang nadim airport’s toilet. it was take long time to ensure no body in that toilet. i don’t want they catch me and might have assumed me as a terrorist.

  10. 10

    salam kenal tukeran liks yuk…he dah selesai dari toilet ni

  11. Ari #

    Ko ada yah yg nempel seperti itu, apakah orang iseng kali yg sengaja

  12. camui #

    misi mbak aku boleh minta emailnya ga, mau nanya sesuatu tapi lewat email.. terima kasih

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