Indonesia Mencari Bakat

I wasn’t interested at all when I saw TV ads about this show called Indonesia Mencari Bakat. I thought this is similar crap as other new talent TV shows. But about 2 – 3 weeks ago I watched it accidentally in my TV. It amazed me in some way. Now I must say that I love it!

Well, I can’t say too much about this TV show. You have to watch it by yourself. Yes, it brings many Indonesian new talents to public. Many various talents. Not only singing, but also dancing, playing instruments, magic, and many more.

Many talents who showed up in Indonesia Mencari Bakat amazed me. It’s difficult to choose only one of them which stands out the most. This really surprise me as I always think at least in terms of singing contest that Indonesian Idol has the edge above other TV shows. But now I must say that even in singing contest, Indonesia Mencari Bakat has its own singing stars in the making.

Now I just want to show the clips I found on youtube. The clips are showing some of the Indonesia Mencari Bakat talents. I pick 2 clips. Both are currently progressing to the semifinal stage. The 1st one coming from a very young talent named Putri Ayu Silaen. She’s coming from Medan and I heard that she’s only 12 years old.

The 2nd clip coming from another talent named Hudson Pranajaya. I don’t know how to describe how he performs (or maybe I should say he and she?). I’m sure it’s not new in the world of entertainment. But I think this is the 1st time Indonesian performer shows this unique ability on the stage.

Well, I will definitely check out TransTV the next weekend to watch the semifinal stage. I simply love the show :D

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  1. 1

    i frankly don’t want to see any “idol” tv show like this. better to watch news, documentary show, or kid programme.

  2. 2

    putri ayu tuh..
    suaranya keren abisss……

  3. 3

    saya mendukung putri ayu, brandon dan hudson.. bakat mereka sanga tluar biasa..

  4. oni #

    hi, git, back blogging ha…
    gw sendiri lagi males blogging…, lagi kebanyakan tugas kuliah

  5. 5

    update terus ga gan?
    hari ini JP milenix katanya keren abis, kemaren juga.. tapi ga sempet nonton :(

  6. ratu #

    klo aku ngedukung brandon,
    imut,lucu,keren,ya bagus banget lah!!!!

  7. YANA #

    keren abiz nic acara kalah dri idola cilik
    idola cilik sic cma jual tangisan bkan bakat
    sorry y buat penggemar idola cilik bkn gue mau jelek2kin loc piz….
    idola cilik kan cinta damai ok :-D :-D

  8. 8

    hay brandon minta nope mu donk qu fanz bgtz mah loc….
    sumpah klu kmu tampil qu kyk org gila loc y…..
    nic nope qu 083183012228…..
    qu nx karimun jauh kan jdi pliz y brandon……
    maju truz brandon…………………………………………..

  9. 9

    Keren Banget! Acara IMB Indonesia Mencari Bakat memang sangat bagus dan bermanfaat. Terbukti ratingnya naik terus.

    Saya sangat senang bangga, menikmati acara IMB selama ini. Kontestannya bagus-bagus, sebut saja: Hudson, Putri Ayu, Brandon, Klantink, Funky Papua. Semuanya berkelas. Benar-benar bangga menjadi anak Indonesia. Maju terus!

    Contoh Iklan

  10. Adi #

    Sepertinya bakalan hudson yg menang

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