Invitasi Teater Indonesia Seleksi Lokal Jawa Barat dan Banten

Federasi Teater Indonesia (Indonesian Theatre Federation) held West Java and Banten province selection for its annual theatre competition in Bandung on November 1st-2nd 2012, called Invitasi Teater Indonesia. It took place at the Gedung Kesenian Rumentang Siang Jalan Baranang Siang No.1 Bandung. One of the spokesperson of the event, Heliana Sinaga, said that the winner of this selection will represent West Java and Banten province in the national competition which will be held sometime in the near future.

There are 5 (five) theatre groups from across the West Java and Banten province which were previously selected from hundreds, which were performing their final act in their province in this selection. Those were :
- Teater Lakon performing “Etalase Tubuh”
- Hobi Berteater performing “The Judgement”
- Teater Cermin performing “Polos”
- Teater Awal Bandung Bandung performing “Petang di Taman”
- Teater Awal Garut performing “Kapai-Kapai”

Teater Lakon, Hobi Berteater, and Teater Cermin performed in the first season Nov 1st while Teater Awal Bandung and Teater Awal Garut performed in the second season.

Teater Awal Garut was announced as the winner and will represent West Java and Banten province in the annual national competition.

Here are some of the photos taken from this event.

Teater Lakon

Hobi Berteater

Teater Cermin

Teater Awal Bandung

Teater Awal Garut (THE WINNER)

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    Truly an incredible performance. Is theatre big in Indonesia? Keep it up.

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