Skyfall: Bullet Points Review

Bullet points review of Skyfall :
- it felt like watching a very good oscar worthy movie instead of watching James Bond movie. Good job, Sam Mendes.
- the action scenes were few and far between but all were great. The opening sequence was good, the tower semi-silhouette fight scene was an art, and the climactic action scene was great. One thing to note, Sam Mendes tried to stay away from quick cuts, close ups, and shaky cam action scene (Quantum of Solace had plenty of this). Clarity in action scenes was one of the best thing in Skyfall.

- Javier Bardem performance was great. Really talented guy.
- first time to see Bérénice Marlohe. Can’t tell her racial/ethnic background. Anyway, she’s beautiful. That’s what matters the most.

- Daniel Craig is getting old. And so is Judi Dench. Wait, the latter was never younger either the first time I saw her as M.
- so she’s The Miss Moneypenny. Refreshing. Unpredictable.

- someone was sleeping and snoring loud during the movie. Wonder who woke him up finally.
- overall 9/10

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